Surprised by the Unlikely

If you told me I was going to be running repeats on a track, I would have rolled my eyes and laughed!  Loving Husband has long extolled the benefit of repeats to improve speed and endurance, but the thought of arduous discipline made me so tired.

In the spirit of trying new things (or new old things), I went to the track a few weeks ago. Surprise, surprise, I actually enjoyed it!  Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work, and as I rounded the track for the 4th time (my goal was to go 6 rounds), I did consider maybe cutting short the workout.  But I finished the plan, felt strong, and it wasn’t as mentally laborious as I’d feared.  I’ve been back since, and have managed to feel rather zen as I complete my rounds.

Another unlikely activity I find myself engaged in is Focused Prayer & Reflection.  My 30Challenge for May is to follow An Ignatian Prayer Adventure,, to spend time each day to pray, read Scripture, and reflect the Ignatian way.   This is something I’ve always wanted to do, but again, the thought of keeping the discipline just made it easy to put off.

My greatest obstacle to trying new things is not fear, or the lack of derring-do, but the ennui that comes with the thought of forced routine.  My solution: turn the forced into focused.  I choose to focus, to give these new activities a chance.  After all, it is only for 30 days.  If it takes, great for me!  If it flops, it is only a month invested.

It has been an enjoyable few days with the the material, the focus of Week 1 being Who I am in God.  Here is a song I found while reflecting on Psalm 139.  Hope you enjoy it.

18 Replies to “Surprised by the Unlikely”

  1. I like what you said about turning forced into focus. I too suffer from “the ennui of forced routine”, even when I am the one doing the “forcing”. I rebel against my own self!!! 😉 Hah!
    Like with most everything, the strongest enemy I face, is the one within. Thanks Ju-Lyn.

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    1. Well said! That’s me too. My back immediately goes up against anything I feel ‘forced’ to do regardless of the source. The mental shift to ‘focus’ from forced is subtle but powerful.

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      1. I know what you mean, Joanne! Even if I had intended to do the thing anyhow, if there is any external pressure, I would immediately go into Rebellion mode. What does this say about us, I wonder?


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