In Defense of Prose Poetry: SingPoWriMo Day 6-13 Update

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Poem Notes:

  • aware (Japanese): to describe the bittersweetness of a brief and fading moment of transcendent beauty; mono no aware (物の哀れ), literally translates into “the pathos of things” and can be translated as “an empathy toward things”
  • King Pellinore: best known for his endless hunt of the Questing Beast in Arthurian legend. It is believed that he ceased questing for higher ideals and instead, hunted as a game.
  • When I first met the Prose Poem this week, I struggled with what & why it is and how it worked. I was determined get to know it. This was my attempt at getting acqainted.


This week, I was introduced to Prose Poetry and to Singapore’s very own Found/Fount Sonnet; was briefly acquainted with the San Francisco Renaissance, the New York School;  discovered Jack Spicer’s poetry which I love, and reread some of Richard Siken’s work which I adore.

It has been difficult, though, finding that the face and voice of poetry has changed so much since I’ve actively engaged with it.  It has been a week of self-doubt and frustration, of anguish & dithering on whether I will continue to write.  And if I do, what will I do with it all.  I am still thinking, and writing in the meanwhile.


Feature Photo: budding flowers taken in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, my contribution to Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Awakening.


8 Replies to “In Defense of Prose Poetry: SingPoWriMo Day 6-13 Update”

  1. What an enormous challenge you have set yourself I am totally illiterate about poetry and never realised it had so many different styles. Love the dainty opening buds


  2. Wow, what an assignment and how admirably you responded. I admire your willingness to open yourself to new challenges, to learn, to give up former understandings if the face of new.


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Janet! If truth be told, I typically respond to change rather grudgingly and it takes me a while to come around. The cycle has reduced a great deal in recent encounters and I would like to believe it is in part the frequency with which I meet change, in part due to the inspiration of Adventurers like you!


  3. I find that poetry comes from the heart and should not be subjected to anyone’s style. Although, I commend you for such challenge and absolutely love your creative photography. So talented you are


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