The Garden in my Backyard

Imagine a place where you can breathe ….

… a place where the healing power of trees embrace you

… a place for your thoughts to speak, with the time & space to hear them

… a place to proffer thanks, pour out your soul’s cares, raise prayers

… a place to reflect, rejuvenate, recharge

I know how lucky I am to be living next to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a favourite place of ours.  We do try to do it justice but walking, running and playing there as often as we can.   I had a lovely ramble through a few days ago and would like to share with you some of my highlights.



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26 Replies to “The Garden in my Backyard”

  1. Yes, the Gardens is my solace and my go to place when I need to re-centre myself. It is also the place that I have the fondest memories of my father … both of us jogging in the Gardens at 6am or earlier with a big torch light hanging off my neck.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful images that never fail to lift my spirit.


    1. Thank you for the affirmation, Irene. It is lovely to share the love of this sanctuary with another fan! Thank you for sharing the memory of your time with your dad: I can just imagine the torch bouncing along as you ran!


    1. Thanks so much for the affirmation, Jo!

      I am constantly amazed by the army of folks who work hard to keep the gardens immaculate & green; from those who sweep the wet leaves from pedestrian paths to the gardeners who prune & care for the plants constantly.

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  2. It was interesting to see your photos. When I was very small, aged 5, a very long time ago, we lived in Singapore. My father was in the RAF and we lived in a couple of houses during our time there in then1960s.. I remember the Botanical Gardens and have an old photo of my brother and I feeding the monkeys!


    1. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for sharing your story about your time in Singapore – the monkeys are gone from these gardens now … they’ve gone to less crowded areas like MacRitchie & Bukit Timah reserves.


  3. I can imagine how wonderful it is to run here in the mornings while the world is still quiet and waking up. What a beautiful place to call ‘your own’!
    My favourite photo is the clock tower. This one looks a little different than most.


  4. Gardening is a passion of mine. The time spent there is some of the most therapeutic medicine I can find. Thanks for the vivid picture your post provided.


  5. It is a wondrous place, My eyes devour it whenever you feature it in your photographs. I have similar feelings in Denver’s Botanical Garden, but only get there once or twice a year.


  6. You´re one very lucky girl to live where you live, Ju-Lyn! 😉 Botanik gardens are a passion of mine – I always am at awe at all the work that goes into them! Sadly I can´t watch your slideshow – I suppose it is one, right? It´s just a black square on my screen, but I know the pictures will be lovely and splendid!


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