Natural World: Lesson 4 Leading Lines

A good photographer is a constant observer. Out in nature, we have opportunities to watch and study a scene, from big, sweeping changes — like the sky at dusk — to the tiniest details, like the subtle bends in bare branches.

While shooting outdoors, look for natural lines that lead your eyes to different parts of the frame. Study the bend of a stream, or the curve of a petal. How can you use these lines in your composition?  – Developing Your Eye II, Lesson 4: Leading Lines –

I spent time in the outdoors considering this lesson, struggling to see the lines around me.  Then suddenly,  there it was right in front of me!  The patterns & colours of the lines led me to a place of marvel & wonderment. There is no place I’d rather be.

This is the song that has looped in my head as I contemplated nature in all its glory!

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