Warmth: Lesson 1 Quality of Light

This Butterfly Pea Flower, basking in the warmth of morning sun, was a pleasant discovery as I walked through the charming neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru.

Lesson 1 of Developing Your Eye Part 2, invites us to think about light.  The word photography means “drawing with light” in Greek.  I must admit that I have not paused to think of what I do with the camera as drawing.  As I mull on this, however, I am tickled by how apropos it is.  For this assignment, we are challenged to consider the direction & quality of light as we look through our cameras.

As I walked around this adorable little flower, playing with the light from various angles, I thought about its significance to the Peranakan culture – we use it as a natural colouring for some of my favourite sweets: Apom Berkuah, a crumpet-like pancake slathered with caramelised banana sauce; Kueh Salat: a 2-tiered cake, on top a creamy & fragrant custard, redolent with coconut milk & pandan, on the bottom, toothsome & decadent sticky rice.  Both of these are traditionally beautified with a touch of the butterfly pea flower extract.


When I did a little digging, I discovered that Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is taken for health benefits, with antioxidant, analgesic and anti-stress properties.  All in a dainty pretty little flower;  I have some dried flowers in the pantry, I am going to make myself a cup now.

Butterly Pea Flower Tea (image from http://www.majestic herbs.com)

18 Replies to “Warmth: Lesson 1 Quality of Light”

    1. Thanks for taking time to share in my favourite things, Janet (as you might have noticed, food always features in my thoughts!)

      Actually, I haven’t always been an active learner. There was a time not so long ago when I thought all resources should be devote to the children: after all, it is their time to shine! But as they started to become more independent, they started to challenge me to grow with them, and that’s when my zest for learning started again. Very hard to stop now!


          1. Oh, Ju-Lyn! This is so kind of you! And I would love to, but I think what with duty regulations here in Germany that might be a bit of a problem, especially since the tea has some medicinal proposes and benefits. I would probably end up paying more for it than if I would order it at Amazon´s! 😀 But thank you so much for your kind offer – you made me smile and made my day, dear friend! xxx


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