Silence in Bangkok: Peaceful Morning Runs

Morning runs are one of my highlights when in Bangkok.  In a city where traffic starts to build up by 7:30am, we discovered this oasis some years back: Benjakiti Park (pictured above), where in a small space, one could run in relative silence, detached from the smog and traffic noises just beyond.  There are several such park oases in Bangkok: Lumpini, Benchasiri and Benjakiti.

During our New Year trip earlier this month, we discovered a hidden treasure – a pedestrian/cycle path which connects Lumpini Park to Benjakiti Park, allowing us to run overhead across major roads on several mornings during our week in this vibrant city.

This was a mindful & exhilarating way to start the day, before we ate and shopped our way through the wonderful sights, tastes and sounds of this energetic city.  A bit of quiet to prepare us ready, body, mind & spirit.

This is something we sense very strongly in the Thai people.  Even in the crowded walkways and public areas, we could feel a stillness, a quietude.  Most of our interaction with the Thai people were warm and filled with a calm, regardless of whether it was our tuktuk driver weaving through the horrendous traffic, or the supermarket checkout personnel who took time to explain something to us despite the long queues, or the waitstaff at the thronging food halls who smiled and tried to help despite language barriers.  This is the tranquility & generosity I strive to emulate.

Feature Photo was taken fairly early in the morning at Benjakiti Park, Bangkok, 3 Jan 2018.  

12 Replies to “Silence in Bangkok: Peaceful Morning Runs”

  1. I’ve heard so much about the noise, and busy-ness of Bangkok. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that peaceful little oases like this exist.
    However, I think running in that heat and humidity would kill me 🙂

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    1. When I used to visit Bangkok for work, I have to admit that it was just that: noisy, big, busy, in short a huge city. But now that we vacation there, we’ve had the time & space to explore and find little surprises!

      Singapore is hot & humid too, so running in this sort of weather has to be done early or very late in the day!


      1. I actually lived in the Pattaya area. I would run down by the beach on Beach Road or Khao Mai Keow in the jungle. If you search the Bangkok Runners on Facebook they also have meetups once or twice a week. They are all super nice and fun.


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