Treasure: Lesson 8 Zoom In

One of my greatest treasures is Memory; memories made with loved ones like this visit to Hello Kitty House, Bangkok with the family.

It was a fun afternoon visit, although not all of us are Hello Kitty Fans, or even fans of Kawaii (cuteness).  But it was, nevertheless, a memorable afternoon filled with sweets, laughter and many photos!

Lesson 8 of Developing Your Eye  invites us to Zoom in, to look in close, to see what insight the details offer us.   I love taking photos of food – zooming in offers a wonderful look at the things I love to eat! and in the case of the Feature Photo, drink (Hello Kitty Hot Chocolate!).

8 Replies to “Treasure: Lesson 8 Zoom In”

  1. wow -t hat song was a version that was classical and acapella cool
    and I was wondering how your photography exploring was coming along – and see that you are progressing well 9and hello kitty is so fun)


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