Big: Lesson 7, A Point of View

Adopting a different point of view is not particularly easy for me: I find it uncomfortable and somewhat messy.  I have come to appreciate, however, that if I persist with the experience, it is often eye-opening & enlightening.

It hasn’t been so long ago since I was in a coma in the hospital, just about 7 months ago.  There is now a teenage girl lying in a hospital bed, daughter of my classmate from years ago. She was admitted more than two months ago under circumstances not unlike mine.  Except that the cause of her illness is not known.  She continues to fight for her life.  We wait each day with bated breath for news of an eyelid movement, leg twitch, or an improvement in a vital sign.

It is not so difficult in this case to put myself in her parents’ place, as they stand, sit or kneel by her bedside, hour after hour.  It is a humbling and heart-wrenching place I find myself. It is particularly poignant during this Christmas season, as I spend many precious moments with my loved ones: feasting, exchanging gifts, making memories of another Christmas, marking the end & the beginning of another year.

The inevitable question that I ask is, Why God?  why her and not me?  It could be me still lying in the hospital, and yet she is.  She is so young, with so much of her life still ahead of her, why is she not the one who gets to have this time with her family, her friends?

I have no answers.  I only feel the sadness, the despair, the hope, the determination.  And so, I continue to do the only thing I can; Pray.  The prayers of many carried me through.  I can do no less than to plead for this child and her family.  Thy Will be done.

Lesson 7 from Developing Your Eye, invites us to capture a shot from an unusual angle.  To see something Big in a different way.

The above feature photo is a Banyan Tree found on the edge of Swan Lake in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


9 Replies to “Big: Lesson 7, A Point of View”

  1. What a beautiful, heartfelt post this is. I learned from the caring, concern and understanding your words expressed; and I spent several reflective minutes thinking about your message, thinking about its point of view. Thank you.

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  2. Just found this post, looking through your beautiful pictures. The roots attracted me to it and after I read your heartfelt message, it’s clear that we are all interconnected and you have a mission to make this world better. Didn’t know you were in the coma? Wow. at the same time I am so happy you survived and here to illuminate our path. Thank G-d for that.


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