Connection: Lesson 5 Tag Your Photo

I love bridges.  I’ve set eyes on some iconic beauties: the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, USA), London Bridge (London, UK), Pont du Gard (Nimes, France), the foot bridge in Monet’s garden of water-lilies (Giverny, France).

Though not as grand or as famous as the above mentioned, Singapore has its share of lovely bridges: Henderson Waves, Helix Bridge, and a lovely series of pedestrian bridges across various points of the Singapore river.

Even hidden ones, like this old foot bridge along the MacRitchie Reservoir trail.


Lesson 5 of Developing Your Eye suggests appropriate tagging to stay connected in Social Media; 5-15 tags is the suggestion.  I still find tagging a tricky business.  Do you have any tips or suggestions how to tag appropriately?

Feature Photo: Jiak Kim Bridge over the Singapore River


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