Five Minutes with a Mother & Child

One of Singapore’s most popular tourist sites is in my backyard; well, it is just across the street.  So, I fortunately find myself there a couple of times a week.  One of my favourite features in the Botanic Gardens is this sculpture, Swing Me, Mama, sculpted in serpentine (spring stone) by Dominic Benhura (1995).  

I love Mother & Child depictions in art and this one captures the joy of closeness in play.  It is placed at one edge of Swan Lake, next to a Victorian Gazebo, where many moms & their children come to view the fish & turtles.  When the girls were younger, we spent many hours sitting by this very lake; it is amazing to me that neither of the girls fell in despite all the squealing and jumping around.



This is my contribution to a Regular Random, hosted by Delseyjane, and Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Scale.

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