Please grow!

Older Daughter & Loving Husband planted a handful of rosehip seeds which they harvested from a rosehip plant.  This little guy was the only one who sprouted.  Older Daughter checks on him every morning and evening, watering him carefully and tenderly. We are all waiting with her to see if more leaves will grow.   

It occurs to me that it is not so different with our children.  We provide a rich and fertile environment to nurture them, we give them opportunities to flex their muscles, we allow time & space for them to experience life.  Then we wait, hold our breaths in eager anticipation, to see what will they will do, who they will become.

How nerve-wrecking & exciting!

13 Replies to “Please grow!”

  1. we have been there too – and sometimes this is why we bought larger starter plants – lol – and have you ever read the small children’s book called the carrot – it is about waiting for the carrot to sprout – but also about negative folks and having faith while resisting feedback that says “it won’t grow”
    and have to share a quick story from yesterday
    there was this commercial on and the dad was looking at his toddler in awe – the toddler was doing a little activity and the commercial grabbed that moment of showing the dad watch the child do their thing – with wonder…
    and someone walked by and said, “Give it ten years and lets see the face the dad makes…”
    I think they were referring to the tween and teen years when independence and dependence come head to head –
    anyhow, I love your photo for the way you also gave us the plant in the back – we see the sprout and the back plant and feel that full life stuff you wrote about … 🙂


      1. Oh how exciting –
        And I guess I have one more tip – cos I do like gardening even tho we do it less and less
        But got this tip from A garden show and loved it…
        Compost Tea:
        But a mag of manure – add a few scoops to a bucket of container – fill with water – let sit 24 hrs –
        The next day the liquid is tea for the soil the plants grow in- alive and dense – the Bottom grit that is left can be added to soil too.
        I guess that my biggest lesson from gardening was about how crucial soil is….


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