The Wonderful World of Podcasts

I find myself in the world of podcasts rather belatedly, all of a sudden immersed in this fantastic place of possibilities, where one can immerse oneself in programmes ranging from Gin & Botanicals (BBC4: Food Programme) to the Migration of Birds (BBC4 Radio: In Our Time) to the whimsical quirky storyworld of Nightvale (Welcome to Nightvale).

Older Daughter started at Nanyang Technological University a month ago, and I am driving for an uninterrupted half an hour several times a week.  I thought I would use that time to educate myself through podcasts.  I had listened to a few podcasts many years ago on a road trip to Penang (9 hours on the road), but have not had occasion to listen to another one, till now.

Older Daughter helped me to download the first few podcasts, and Loving Husband sent me links to loads more.  It has been an intriguing and extremely entertaining process, sorting through, downloading and listening to these programmes.

My favourite programme for this week is Wanuri Kahiu on Ted Talks (Ted Talks  Daily,  29 August 2017) advocating the need for Fun, Fierce & Frivolous African Art.  She calls her work AfroBubbleGum, which is also the name of the organisation she founded.

I want to create fun, fierce & frivolous art, too;  SingaporeBubbleGum, anyone?


6 Replies to “The Wonderful World of Podcasts”

  1. I love podcasts Juju and listen to them on and off and I’ve mostly found them informative and inspiring. At the moment I’m interested in the stories of women on the verge of turning 70, and sometimes finding inspiration and help in what they have to say.


  2. I love podcasts too; especially from the BBC. Thinking Allowed, Desert Island Disks and the Friday Night comedy are my current favourites (not educational, but definitely interesting). 🙂


  3. You are ahead of me here. Now and then I’ll listen to a Ted Talk that is recommended to me, but I rarely find myself with an extended period of time to listen to podcasts, except when i travel and then I listen to audio-books. I’ve a friend who listens to podcasts while she cleans house, and I have often thought that would be a nice, distracting thing to do.

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