Five Minutes with Mooncakes: Mid-Autumn Festival

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 4 Oct; the lanterns are already up in Chinatown and mooncakes are everywhere! Continue reading “Five Minutes with Mooncakes: Mid-Autumn Festival”


Running to Stillness on Orchard Road

I love running down Orchard Road, one of Singapore’s busiest shopping streets.  There are huge department stores on either side of the 4-lane thoroughfare, which is typically crawling with vehicles.  The wide walkways are often buzzing with people from all walks of life.

Except I am there before the hustle and bustle starts up; not quite the break of dawn, but early enough where there aren’t many pedestrians on the boulevard, save the few who are beautifying the streets for those who will visit in force in a few hours.  I have the place to myself. Continue reading “Running to Stillness on Orchard Road”


Heat from the pavement rises up my feet
              or is it from the bodies pushing, nudging, jostling
handbags, backpacks, paper bags 
   are instruments of pain
bruises blooming
words forming, 
   stopped before they are borne to cause more harm
Roar from traffic
              or is the stampede of thoughts that 
              race through my head
red cars, yellow taxis, silver, grey, black, white
all the same, noise pollution, air pollution, soul pollution
the sound box churning, 
swirling with acrid smoke and cracked mirrors
words floating, never landing

Glare from the sun 
              or from the many faces that look but do not see
black, white, short, tall, wide, heartshaped, blue, brown
reflecting sadness, emanating pain, stifling pain
words unspoken, words lost
words to define, to give shape, to validate 
until the words are found, there is only the void.

Intro to Poetry, Day 2: Face

Green Juice

Not quite green eggs & ham, but nevertheless, a challenge.  I am not sure why drinking “vegetable drinks” is difficult for me, after all, I love vegetable soup.  If you had told me that I would be drinking Green Juice before today, I would have collapsed in hysterical laughter. Continue reading “Green Juice”

Back to Basics with Blogging U

Catching up on my favourite blogs on my Reader,  desleyjane’s Opinion Piece caught my eye; she mentioned a course she is taking at Blogging University on  Fascinated, I followed her link and to my delight, uncovered all sorts of wonderful resources which I’d not known existed.

Spending more time than I’d planned, I trawled through all the goodies and decided I would take Blogging: Fundamentals although I’ve already been on WordPress for more than a year.  Renovations are always good, right? Continue reading “Back to Basics with Blogging U”

Learning to Sing Again

One of the repercussions of the long ICU stay was that I had to relearn many things I previously took for granted, like sitting up without slumping over, eating without choking, walking without feeling like my legs were going to buckle.  Fortunately, these skills were quickly regained, within days of leaving the ICU.

Singing, however, was another matter.  I could barely talk, so singing felt like such a long shot. In the bigger scheme of things, it just didn’t seem all that important. Continue reading “Learning to Sing Again”

How are you?

Brows furrowed in consternation,
                    reschooled, rearranged into too bright a smile. 
"You look fantastic! So much better now!"
   follows all too quickly
A shuffling of feet. when can i politely take my leave? 
   without seeming rude, ungrateful,
   without causing worry, offence?

"Are you resting enough?
How are you feeling?
Are you eating well?
Are you back to normal?"
              i mumble something or other,
   eager to get away from
   the concerned glances that are shot my way.

Am i fine?  i feel fine.
But i guess
   the scalp peeking out from my closely cropped mane,
       the scar adjacent to my lip, mostly faded, but still mocking,
           the shadows under my no longer sunken eyes,
                                            hinting at darker days
surprise, shock, evoke concern & sympathy
from those i chancely encounter.

I am fine.

Please grow!

Older Daughter & Loving Husband planted a handful of rosehip seeds which they harvested from a rosehip plant.  This little guy was the only one who sprouted.  Older Daughter checks on him every morning and evening, watering him carefully and tenderly. We are all waiting with her to see if more leaves will grow.    Continue reading “Please grow!”