100% Chocolate

Loving Husband & Older Daughter love dark chocolate, even the very bitter 100%. Younger Daughter and I prefer ours much sweeter and perhaps, milkier.

In considering where bitter fits in my life, I think our taste buds have it right: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and for the new gourmand, umami.  It all contributes to our experience of food, and in a larger sense, of the world around us.  It is about finding the right balance, the right combination, the right amount.

Some of us spend a great deal of time on our culinary pursuits, maybe because we like to eat, maybe because it is a metaphor for our lives.  Whatever the reason, bitter is part of the experience and one which we embrace because it is an integral part of the whole.

As Marc David reminds us in his article “The Brilliance of Bitter”, “Remember to take your bitter herbs to stimulate your metabolism and activate your nutritional-genetic potential. And remember the bitter times, just a little, so we can better appreciate the blessings that surround us each day.”


14 Replies to “100% Chocolate”

  1. Such wisdom in this post about life in general as well as what we eat. All my life I’ve sought balance as well as moderation in all things; sometimes I’m successful, other times I lose my way, but always I try. Your words really made me think today.

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    1. Moderation is an ideal I aspire towards, but I often find myself backsliding. But as I always tell my children (somewhat sheepishly), it is good to have a goal to aim towards; otherwise, how would we know how far more we have to go?!


  2. Ahh, chocolate! The gift of the gods! I love it in all its varieties!
    I agree, bitter is part of everything in life and it has its own right when it comes to food. I´m currently struggling with a little bag of dried Chinese schisandra berries that a friend gave me as a gift – they really are the fruit of the five tastes and the bitter kernel always hits me like a blast 😀


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