Thinking on the Cold

For those of us who live in the tropics and enjoy (if you prefer, replace with a verb of choice) a whole year of warm weather, travel to colder climes is a treat.

It baffles friends why we choose to spend many a Christmas in London; after all, why go when it’s so cold and likely to rain.  Apart from visiting family which is always precious, we do enjoy cold weather so it is a welcome respite for us.  And the promise of snow at Christmas is exciting!

Just thinking of skating outdoors in the crisp cold while I look out the window towards another blistering day!

Feature Photo: taken December 2016 at the skating rink in front of the Natural History Museum, London.  In response to Daily Post’s Wanderlust.

6 Replies to “Thinking on the Cold”

  1. Thank you so much for the links! We do love the cold, so we might still find ourselves in these places one day. Meanwhile, we live vicariously through wonderful folks like you who share your world through your photos and your blog.

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  2. I understand your love of Christmas in London. You have the same motivation my husband and I have; we live in a cold, snowy climate which we find beautiful and ski or snowshoe in. Then we treasure the Januarys we spend in Cozumel, Mexico.

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