Bangkok’s Night Sky

Travelling is …

… family time

… new sights, sounds and smells

… the people

… the food

… a whole new world!

Feature photo: taken from Above Eleven, where we sampled Peruvian- Japanese cuisine and enjoyed the view.    In response to Daily Post’s Challenge: Wanderlust

4 Replies to “Bangkok’s Night Sky”

  1. What an amazing photograph. You are fortunate to be able to travel so often with your family. The favorite trips of my husband and me are when we are accompanied by family members, particularly grandchildren. We like introducing them to the whole new worlds you mention.

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    1. We are indeed blessed to be able to travel as we do; and the education it affords is unparalleled. It is one thing to go to a museum (which we love to do as well), but to visit a different country and culture is rather mind-blowing!

      When I was growing up, we took lots of family vacations; so I thought when I grew up, I would take more alone trips.

      Now that I’m more grown, I’ve realised that family trips (with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and whoever cares to come with us!) are a heck a lot more fun! So, there you have it! The wisdom of parents only understood when we ourselves become parents. So, I completely get what you’ve shared! It’s wonderful that you are are travelling with the grandchildren!

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