Egg-citing Eggs-periences: The Joy of Easter

I don’t make resolutions; simply because I have such a terrible time keeping them.  And the guilt, oh, the guilt!  A long time ago, I decided that it is too traumatic, psychologically & emotionally, to deliver ultimatums to myself.  


I find I have better success with meandering towards a goal; where there is a lot of room for side-trips and re-starts.  Where there is no failure, only temporary setbacks.   Where there is no need to give up anything, only things to look forward to.

It is a slow, slow process, but one which I find infinitely more rewarding and less paralysing.

Take our Easter Eggs.  They serve no real function (after all, they can’t even be eaten!) except to adorn our home.  They are not a lofty or worthy project, nor one which is particularly educational.  But it gave us great pleasure working on them.  And that is enough.

May the Joy of Easter follow you through the year.  As you continue your journey, may each day be filled with wonder and reminders of the One who lights our way.

Feature Photo: Older Daughter painstakingly emptied these eggs of their gloopy contents so that we could decorate them; with washi tape & Sharpies!  

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