Green? or Blue?

As I look at these cranes Older Daughter has folded & decorated her room with, I think of a conversation she and I have rather often: are they green? or are they blue?  When we see a blue (or green) building/car/dress/book, I would see blue and she green, or vice versa.

I’ve wondered if I am slightly colour-blind.  She thinks probably not; maybe just a little colour-biased.  After all, it isn’t just about physiological perception; it is what I have grown up associating these colours with.

So, this then leads me to ruminate on other things.  Like the sad goings-on we hear of too regularly these days, the latest being the attack at Westminster Bridge.  We were just in the neighbourhood not too long ago.   How is it that we have all these biases and prejudices that we can’t seem to get past?  And why is it that we choose to express them in such desperate, violent ways?  Can we ever learn to see green as blue, and blue as green?  Can we ever agree to disagree?

More to pray for, especially during this season of Lent: for Peace.

Feature Photo: Screen of paper cranes adorning Older Daughter’s room door.

7 Replies to “Green? or Blue?”

      1. Oh, thank You. They are very beautiful. I live in Finland and once my wife made these:

        3D Origami .

        Singapore is very beautiful. We visited there about “hundreds” years ago. We loved Sentosa and one garden, which name I do not remember.

        Have a good day.


        1. Oh my! How intricate and beautiful! I am sending your link to my daughter; she will get such a kick out of this! Thank you for sharing these.

          How wonderful that you have visited our corner of the world. You probably visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens which are now a world heritage site.

          Thank you for taking the time to visit with me!

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