Give us a hug!

I run by this sculpture regularly and it always makes me smile – the Dude wants a hug!  Seriously though, I do love this piece and I was admiring it just this morning.

As I reflect on that moment, my Lenten wish is for us all to take time to breathe, and then, to embrace the world.  To breathe in the light & life which our Lord has given us, and because we are so filled to the brim, we are able to give in big and small ways, at home and at work, to loved ones and strangers.

So, for the rest of Lent, I will be thinking on who I can give a hug to.  What about you?

Feature Photo: “Dragon-Riding Bodhisattva”, Li Chen, Bronze, 2001, outside The St Regis Singapore on Tanglin Road.

6 Replies to “Give us a hug!”

  1. What a wonderful Lenten wish you made for all of us and how beautifully you expressed it. Thank you. The minute I saw the statue photograph, I smiled as well. Couldn’t help it. What a happy piece of art to pass on your runs. I envy you.

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