Running for a Cause

This past Sunday saw Loving Husband and I at the Terry Fox Run.

I’d like to think of myself as a zen runner, not overly fussed by timing, splits and such.  So, the idea of entering a race is not particularly attractive: they are expensive, the crowds can be overwhelming, and the race Ts are usually scratchy & itchy.   16938852_10155638404203484_4000117452904096576_n

The above quote is printed on the back of our Terry Fox Run Ts;  I had ample time to meditate on it as I ran behind fellow runners.  If I can, even in the  smallest way, help by running, then why not?  And let’s face it, there is something addictive about being amongst kindred minds & spirits who have woken up extremely early (morning races) or are braving the heat of the afternoon sun (evening races) to support a cause.  And okay, there is that teensy part of me who feels a sense of achievement finishing the course; better still if it’s a little faster than anticipated.

We have already signed up for the next charity run: Running Hour – Run So Others Can.  Come join us?

Feature photo: the back of the Terry Fox Singapore 2017 Tee..


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