Glittering Grass

As I sit at my usual window spot at Starbucks, I enjoy the airconditioning which makes an overcast & muggy day pleasant.  As I daydream in the relative cool, I  recall a message from my aunt in London that temperatures had climbed up to 18 degrees centigrade yesterday! Unseasonably hot for them.

While we had bemoaned the lack of snow while we were in London in December & January, it certainly wasn’t 18 degrees.  And we did have a flurry morning, so we did get to enjoy some of the magic of winter.

On another occasion,  when running into Hyde Park, I was met with an unexpected sight: the wide stretches of grass unfolded before me with an unreal glitter as the sun bounced off them.   Upon closer inspection, I discovered frost on the ground.  We caught sight of some children and dogs playing & rolling on the the silver & blue expanse;   I guess they weren’t going to make too fine a point the difference between snow and frost.

This is one of my favourite parts of a trip: savouring the memories long after we return.

Feature Photo: frost on the plants in Hyde Park, December 2016.

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