Stay at Home Moms: Best tightrope walkers ever!

I am not a big fan of labels; they are often limiting and don’t always convey the whole picture.  Having said this, we live in a world where we depend on labels to communicate complex ideas, so I accept that we cannot do without them.

Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) is one of these labels – we all know what the phrase means, but it can refer to such varied persons, with extremely different lifestyles.  One thing we SAHMs all have in common though is that we are tightrope walkers.   This is a precarious balancing act because we have chosen a different path from many women; trying to balance what we feel is best for our children, our families, with what society is demanding from us.

Along with the lifestyle choice we make, we are often called to explain or justify to family, friends and acquaintances why we have chosen this path.  And what on earth do you do with all that time at home?  Aren’t you bored?   Is this really the best use of your time?  talents? education?   After 20 years, I just tell them I am retired.

I take my hat off to my fellow SAHMs – for whatever reasons you have chosen to do what you do, you do it all against the odds.  So, have a cup of tea with a cookie, put your feet up for an hour: you deserve it!

Feature photo: “The Tightrope Walker” sculptured by Dirk de Keyzer in 2010, found in the atrium of Westgate Mall, Singapore.

3 Replies to “Stay at Home Moms: Best tightrope walkers ever!”

  1. While certainly not as challenging as Stay at Home Momming, Househusbanding has become my favorite job ever. Aside from the perfect work uniform (jeans and a hoodie), I’m able to pick my own hours and work for the perfect “Boss.”
    And this provides plenty of opportunity to pursue some of those lifelong dreams…

    Congratulations and hope you enjoy that tea!

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    1. You know, Gabe, I do think HouseHusbanding could possibly be even tougher; simply because society is even less willing to accept the idea of a StayAtHomeDad.

      So so glad that you are enjoying it!

      And yes, it does provide lots of opportunity to live a more reflective life!

      Yay to you!

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