How do you express yourself?

This week I am challenged to think about how different people Speak Out.

I love Wall Art! and that they are used to express feelings & ideas which are not necessarily mainstream (see Feature Photo: one of my favourite sights at the head of Brick Lane, along Bethnal Green Road)

While I was in London, I encountered various demonstrations out and about.  This is not a common sight in Singapore.

Demonstration March at Grosvenor Square, January 2017

I was also particularly taken by memorials & sculptures which are scattered around London, marking various causes and events in history.

Some speak out through the written word; others through photographs they capture.  Wordpress is made up of these folks who express themselves through their blog. They have become my community, my tribe.

How do you choose to express yourself?


3 Replies to “How do you express yourself?”

    1. Wall Art seems to be all the rage now. Legitimate artists are being asked to decorate the walls of heritage areas all over Asia. But as my daughter pointed out, if only established artists are “sanctioned” to do this, how are emerging artists ever going to get a chance to express themselves in this fashion?!

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