What will you choose to celebrate?

Loving Husband and I are not big on Valentine’s Day.  We would have let Feb 14 slide by this year as we do most years; after all, we have 364 other days in which to express our love & appreciation for each other.

After reading various posts from our WordPress family, however, I was inspired not to let this opportunity to celebrate go by.  We have to decided to make this a family occasion: the task is to come up with a celebratory food item to bring to dinner, and a token gift for each member.  A simple, fun way to spend an evening in celebration of who we are to each other.

Which occasions will you choose to celebrate?

Feature Photo: Origami heart made by Younger Daughter for our Christmas stockings; she will have to think of something else for her gifts for our Valentine’s Celebration.


7 Replies to “What will you choose to celebrate?”

  1. That’s a lovely idea. When the boy-child was younger I used to get a simple gift for him and his father and cook something “special” to show my love, but after a while I got a bit fed up with it being a bit one-sided. I don’t doubt their love — just their willingness or capacity to express it.

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      1. I only recall that from one year – it cost money and so it was a fundraiser – but I have very little recollection – and darn – the stress from this kind of activity can bring stress for so many kids – ugh

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