The Joys of Jetlag

Jetlag is a state of mind, a friend quipped when I related to him my ills.

Indeed, it might be for some, but I have been so dopey & tired these past few days despite a very relaxed schedule.  It has been a mental and physical struggle since returning from our 7-week stay in London.

The week has not been without its charms, though.  Being up at odds times means early morning runs where the pavement is almost exclusively mine; where temperatures are relatively low for Singapore (25 degrees C), and I get to greet the sun.  Not a bad way to start the day

Is there a bright side to jetlag for you?

Feature photo taken outside the Mandarin Hotel, Orchard Road at 7:02am; capturing some of the Lunar New Year decorations.

4 Replies to “The Joys of Jetlag”

  1. well yes, I agree there is a bright side to jetlag for me too – and we have some this week – even though we did not travel as far as you did. ((and hope your london time was nice)) – and for me – I think it is just the breaking up of the routine that is nice… but seeing a sunrise sounds might good….

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