Light one candle for Peace

The second week of Advent.

December brings about eclectic emotions: the closing of the year, looking forward to Christmas; farewells, parties, packing, planning.  All these bring my preferred zen existence grinding to a halt.  All of a sudden, there is so much to do & it feels like there’s not enough time to do it.

For more than 12 hours this past weekend, our Broadband was down (country-wide network failure, apparently).  I was flummoxed by how much my life was interrupted; I didn’t realise how much of my daily activity involved having wifi: no WordPress, no Instagram, no Netflix, no Printer!  I was understandably aggravated & irritated until Younger Daughter put it all in perspective for me:  “Never mind, let’s play games that don’t need wifi.”  No need to sweat the little stuff.

It is time to take a deep breath.  And breathe.

The second candle is lit.  For Peace.

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