Teeny Tiny Origami Crane

Can you see make out the  tiny origami crane that Older Daughter folded?  She has a penchant for all things miniature: Japanese miniature food collections, Sculpey miniature figurines, miniature building blocks, and of course, miniature origami.

She also folds larger ones, size depending on what she is making them into.

Garlands of cranes adorning her bedroom door.

She enjoys using scrap pieces of paper and upcyling them.

She made this one from a paper wrapping from a bottle of sesame chilli oil.

Older Daughter started her fascination with origami & with cranes in particular about a decade ago, when she was about 9 years old.  We were reading about Sadako Sasaki who was living in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was dropped. She was 11 when she was diagnosed with leukaemia as a result of the radiation poisoning.  When in the hospital, she used whatever paper she could find to fold cranes.  In Japan, there is a belief that if you fold 1,000 cranes, your wish would come true.   Her wish was that she would get well again, and to attain peace & healing for all the victims of the world.

Sadako died a little more than a year later;  she had folded 1,300 cranes.  Her classmates & friends raised money to build a memorial in honour of Sadako & the other Hiroshima victims.  To this day, many people continue to bring cranes to this memorial as a tribute to the Sadako and what she wished for.

Older Daughter started folding cranes with the thought of sending them to Hiroshima, or even perhaps, bringing them to the memorial herself.  10 years & conservatively 5,000 cranes later, we have not done either.  But the crane-folding continues and the message that we are praying for World Peace.

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