Robert Indiana: A Fascination with Numbers

Among the many Pop Artists who grace us with art for thought, Robert Indiana is one of my favourites.   I love the immensity & simplicity of his 3-D depiction of LOVE, one of which is currently residing in the courtyard of Winsland House II.


On one of my runs last month on Orchard Road, I found another one of his sculptures from his Numbers One Through Zero series (Feature Photo).  It was on temporary exhibit, courtesy of Opera Gallery.  I think it is so much fun that they display such fun pieces of art in public spaces for us all to enjoy!

I’ve always had an affinity for the Number 7; there is a certain rhythm & completeness to it: 7 days of the week, Snow White & the 7 dwarves, The 7 Sisters, 7 days of Creation.

Do you like numbers; do you have a favourite?


5 Replies to “Robert Indiana: A Fascination with Numbers”

  1. I haven’t heard of this artist before but will keep an eye out as I like the look of his art! I guess I like the number 9 best. My birthday is on the 9th and so is my daughter’s. Also my husband’s birthday has a nine in it. Our son doesn’t sadly, he has many unlucky fours in his! xx


    1. LOL!
      How funny that in Chinese culture, the number 4 is not particularly luck as well! But you know, if he has many 4s, maybe it will be a good luck number for your son!

      I, for one, also love the number 13 – and it’s supposed to be unlucky as well, right?

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  2. How lucky you are to live in an area that believes in art, celebrates art, and makes it accessible. I share your fondness of 7 and would add the seven wonders of the world to your list along with the seven Bray siblings — me and my brothers and sisters!


    1. Hurrah!!! to the Bray siblings!

      Actually, S’pore still has a long way to go to be culturally & artistically world-class (read: London, New York, etc). But I am proud that we have come so far in this past decade to make art, music & drama more accessible to the public!


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