Unlikely Delights

At first glance, the side of this road lacks the considered greenery of the rest of Bukit Batok Nature Park, and does seem somewhat disordered, a riot of grass & shrubs.  At closer look, it is apparently a playground to about half a dozen White-crested Laughing Thrush.  I’ve seen many of them before in this Park, but never in such great  numbers together.

They were fearless and allowed me to come fairly close to them.  They were busily eating, hopping about & generally, having a merry time.  Amidst the chaos of the fallen leaves and overgrown shrubs, I found delight.

A White-crested Laughing Thrush enjoying the morning

It is ironical that in less than 5 minutes from that moment, I would discover that I had dropped my Transitlink Card (stored value card for bus & train) probably right at this spot when I’d taken out my phone to take a shot of my happy, chirpy friends.  My habit is to carry this card and a small amount of cash in my running pouch in case I require a cab or public transport back to home base.

Chaos erupted in my head!  I detest misplacing or losing things!  All the way back to this spot, I fussed and worried about whether the card & cash would still be at the bench.  And when I got there and it wasn’t, it was such a letdown!  It took me all the way back to the car (another 5 minutes) to rein it in & calm down.

After all, it is a replaceable card and only cash, and hey, I ran an extra mile in the process!

6 Replies to “Unlikely Delights”

  1. Oh my goodddness! Story of MY LIFE! I just actually wrote in one of my posts about how I left my purse at a pumpkin patch (no worries, I tracked it down). So thankful that it was all still there for you!

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  2. At first glance, I didn’t see the delightful birds, and I’m glad you pointed them out to me, but sorry about the loss of your card and cash. I also appreciate your mental attitude about their loss — once you’d had time to adjust to the idea, which we all need. I think it says much about your positive spirit that you soon comforted yourself with the knowledge they were replaceable and you had done more exercise. You are something, my friend.

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