Santa Run for Wishes

While friends in North America were doing the Turkey Trot over Thanksgiving Weekend, we had the Santa Run on Saturday, 26 Nov 2016 at Gardens By the Bay.

The day was overcast, for which we were glad, as that meant a cooler run in the evening.  What we didn’t anticipate was the run being rained out!  Since we were already dressed, the route was already marked, we decided to run with some of our friends who had not been deterred by the rain. Continue reading “Santa Run for Wishes”

Light one candle for Hope

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent. It marks the new year for us in the Catholic Church.

It wouldn’t be this time of the year without candles, marking the weeks of Advent, a time of preparing for Jesus’ birth.

The first candle is lit.  For Hope.

A Cookie Baking Sort of Day: Norwegian Christmas Butter Squares

It has been overcast and we found ourselves with a whole day at our disposal; naturally, cookie-baking was in order.

Older Daughter found this recipe while combing through Tumbler.  She thought they were shortbread cookies, but in fact, they are the opposite of short:  these are rich & buttery but are also chewy. Continue reading “A Cookie Baking Sort of Day: Norwegian Christmas Butter Squares”

Sharing My World

I was catching up with some of my favourite Bloggers this morning, and found Cee’s Share Your World Challenge on Suvi’s page.   I am so tickled by this Challenge as well as the fact that I follow both these WordPressors that I’m jumping on the bandwagon! Continue reading “Sharing My World”

Teeny Tiny Origami Crane

Can you see make out the  tiny origami crane that Older Daughter folded?  She has a penchant for all things miniature: Japanese miniature food collections, Sculpey miniature figurines, miniature building blocks, and of course, miniature origami. Continue reading “Teeny Tiny Origami Crane”