My Backyard: loving what we have

When we travel, we put in a great deal of effort to research places we want to visit: museums & shows we want to go to, food we want to eat, vistas we want to gape at.  And yet, we often hear that one does not have time to visit places of interest in one’s own hometown.  I wonder why that is.

When we take time to be a tourist in our own backyard, which we do sometimes during Loving Husband’s school term breaks, we are amazed by how much there is to divert us in a cosmopolitan place like Singapore: the convergence of so many cultures give rise to varied cuisine, interesting festivals (religious, music, drama, dance) & places of interest which are world class.

Bukit Timah Gate of the Singapore Botanic Gardens

We are reminded daily of how fortunate we are to live right next to the Singapore Botanic Gardens;  Loving Husband runs there several times a week, Older Daughter frequents the many Pokemon stops & gyms scattered throughout the gardens, Younger Daughter & I enjoy a picnic on a wooden bench while people watching.

It’s akin to living right next to Disneyland – okay, maybe not, but it is nevertheless, a lovely backyard to play in!


Have a listen to this song specially composed for Singapore, on behalf of the Catholic Church by Corinne May; beautifully song by Corinne May, with some lovely shots of Singapore.

This is my response to this week’s Discovery Challenge, Flâneur
Feature Photo: Sculpture found near Swan Lake, “Swing Me, Mama” by Dominic Benhura (1991)

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