Hoshino Coffee: The Incredible Lightness of Being

I love Bling!  and so, inevitably, I love chandeliers and lighting which is sparkly & well, anything that shines!

This beauty in my Feature Photo is whimsically placed: the faux opulence of wood panelling, gilded framed mirror, adjacent to exposed pipes & wiring on the ceiling.  It gave this Hoshino Coffee at Raffles Medical Holland Village,  a very whimsical feel, along with the fun seating (think leather sofas, corner seats looking out onto busy Holland Village, the waitstaff immaculately attired, Butler-style.

I came for the Omu Rice, but was distracted by the Fuwa Fuwa (fluffy) Hoshino Souffle with Porcini Risotto.  The souffle was indeed eggy, light & fluffy, and the risotto creamy & delightfully al dente & earthy.

The other reason we came was the Pancake Soufflé with Chocolate sauce: light, fluffy, heavenly! It comes in a single, or double portion; no guesses what we got.

Pancake soufflé with Chocolate Sauce: well worth the 20 minute wait!

Other goodies that we enjoyed …



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