Running in the Rain

H20:  Water refreshes.  Water renews.  Water is Life.

I’ve had two rain runs this week!  and they were good.  I love running in the rain for all sorts of reasons: splashing through the puddles, feeling the rain on my face, staying cool all through the run, luxuriating in a mid-day run which would otherwise have been excruciatingly hot!

A fellow Rain-Lover/Puddle Splasher said to me: “There is an anonymity surrounded by rain that appeases the lonely hermit in all of us”.  I hear you, Friend, I hear you.

Feature Photo: Alkaff Bridge, one of my favourite bridges in Singapore found at Robertson Quay.  This colourful pedestrian bridge was painted by Filipina artist Pacita Abad.

5 Replies to “Running in the Rain”

  1. My 74-year-old knees have forced me to give up running, but I used to love running in the rain. Now, wonderfully, I find that walking in the rain gives me the same enjoyment. I love your friend’s comment and absolutely agree!

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    1. I like to mix up the running with the walking – just walked with my Older Daughter this morning. I find that this different activity affords a very different view of the places we go and that is refreshing!


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