My Mommy Cooks: Nonya Nostalgia

Both Loving Husband & I come from food-centric families.  Hence, it is not surprisingly that our own little family unit is also the same.  Although Older Daughter and I are finicky about food, we do enjoy eating the things we like.  And of course, Loving Husband & Younger Daughter love most food experiences!

To me, the best food in the world comes from my mother’s kitchen.  When her busy travel schedule & energy levels allow,  I would receive a phone call with an invitation to dinner; I get a blast of nostalgia just thinking of the yummy things she made for us when we were growing up & having the difficult task of deciding what I want her to make.  Cooking for others is one of the ways she pours love into us, and her kick these days is to make old favourites healthier but still tasty!

Her Popiah  Parties are legendary; it is a feast several days in the making, because it’s not just the filling that has to be painstakingly julienned & cooked, the many ingredients prepared, Mom also likes to serve Ginger Longan Tea & Seafood Porridge along with the popiah.

The Only Popiah Worth Eating: ready to wrap
What one’s Popiah hopefully looks like if done correctly: too fat, you risk an exploding roll; too thin, doesn’t have enough bite.
And the day after, we have Popiah Goreng: a fried version which is divine!


And here are some other dishes which I grew up with, which I continue to enjoy today.

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Feature photo: Mee Siam (Nonya Spicy Rice Vermicelli)

7 Replies to “My Mommy Cooks: Nonya Nostalgia”

      1. that is a deal – and if you come to Virginia – I will have my spouse make you some of the most amazing chicken wings – sorry – that is the best I can do – and we can make you burgers…. ha!

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          1. yes – green and lush are big adjectives for this state – we have been here since 2003 and while I love the green, I miss the drier Colorado terrain – but I love the ocean and mountain access here and so all the molds, fungi, spiders, humidity, and bugs are just fine – and we also have more access to family so pretty win win : )
            your trip sounds nice though – and I wonder what things looked like in the 80s – probably similar to now in some back areas


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