My Backyard: loving what we have

When we travel, we put in a great deal of effort to research places we want to visit: museums & shows we want to go to, food we want to eat, vistas we want to gape at.  And yet, we often hear that one does not have time to visit places of interest in one’s own hometown.  I wonder why that is. Continue reading “My Backyard: loving what we have”


Quinoa & Ginger Porridge

One of my favourite bedside books is Deliciously Ella: Every Day.  I flip through it often, drooling over the beautiful photos, and dreaming of which recipe I will make.

One of my favourite brekkies is steel-cut oats, cooked in water (not milk), then topped with all sorts of fruits & nuts.  A close second for a breakfast bowl is rolled oat porridge, also topped with fruit & nut.   I decided I would do something different and try quinoa as a base for my brekkie bowl. Continue reading “Quinoa & Ginger Porridge”

Hoshino Coffee: The Incredible Lightness of Being

I love Bling!  and so, inevitably, I love chandeliers and lighting which is sparkly & well, anything that shines!

This beauty in my Feature Photo is whimsically placed: the faux opulence of wood panelling, gilded framed mirror, adjacent to exposed pipes & wiring on the ceiling.  It gave this Hoshino Coffee at Raffles Medical Holland Village,  a very whimsical feel, along with the fun seating (think leather sofas, corner seats looking out onto busy Holland Village, the waitstaff immaculately attired, Butler-style. Continue reading “Hoshino Coffee: The Incredible Lightness of Being”

The Dream Machine

Waiting, waiting to wake up; meanwhile, anything is possible!

One of the reasons I love running on Orchard Road is the sculptures that appear on the pedestrian walkway.   This one by Niki de Saint Phalle was certainly a highlight!

Feature photo taken along Orchard Road: La Machine a Rever by Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002), courtesy of Opera Gallery, 16 Sep-16 Oct 2016.  Fiberglass & painted polyester sculpture completed in 1970.

Gracefully Clumsy

Loving Husband and I both have a skill which is particularly useful when we are out walking or running: we are both expert trip then catch ourselves & recover with aplomb folks.  The number of times we find ourselves tripping over our own feet but not sprawling all over the pavement is testament to this.

Allow me to echo what Loving Husband always insists:  “I’m not clumsy!  The road’s not even!”

Feature photo: Pavement outside Orchard Towers, Orchard Road

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies, done 2 ways

Continuing my quest for better than non-vegan vegan goodies, I rejigged the recipe for  Peanut Butter Cookies from one of my mostly vegan sites, MyCaliforniaRoots to suit the 2 different tastes of Older & Younger Daughters.  Although our last attempt was pronounced a success, Older Daughter loves her peanut butter cookies with cranberries.   So, we decided to mix up a batch, make them half plain, half with cranberries. Continue reading “Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies, done 2 ways”