These shoes were made for walking

I love red shoes, or at least, the idea of them.  Ever since I was a teen, I’ve dreamt of a glamourous pair of red shoes.

I love the idea of Nine West shoes.

I actually did buy a pair similar to these Nine West shoes – I wore it all of one time.  Partly because I didn’t really have occasion to wear them (not really office wear), partly because it made my feet hurt.  I know, I know, one has to suffer for fashion & beauty, but that’s not really how I roll.

These days, sneakers are more my speed.  I wear them with everything and I wear them  everywhere!  I know they are not particularly fashionable (then again, I am not a particularly fashionable person) but they are extremely comfortable and I like that they are a little quirky for a woman of my age.  My outer layers, my clothes, shoes & accessories may not define me, if these can bring back a bounce in my step (as opposed to limping along on the pavement), all the better!

And yes, I do own a red pair.



8 Replies to “These shoes were made for walking”

    1. I am that way as way. I am always lagging behind the times and when I finally decide I need to get a dress or a shirt that was “in”, it’s too late because it’s no longer available. Maybe it’s just as well I’m a Basics kind of gal!


  1. I love red shoes .. I have 1 pair of high heels I love to wear them close to winter holidays when everyone is celebrating Xmas. 😉😊.. my red shoes give me the feeling of party!


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