Hunting Pokemons: a new reason to exercise

I realise that Pokemon GO has received a lot of mixed reactions from parents.  I, for one, am very chuffed and tickled by how this game has dislodged my Indoor Daughters from the sofa and propelled them into The Wild.


Granted S’pore’s weather is not exactly conducive to outdoor activities for those who thrive in cooler climes (eg. both my Indoor Daughters) but exercising in the gym & power-walking in shopping centres is rather limiting.  Ever since Pokemon GO has hit S’pore, however, the heat & humidity are no longer prohibitive.  In fact, I don’t recall ever taking so many walks with them in a given week!

How long will this last?  Who knows?  But maybe after getting used to being out in the sunshine & fresh (?) air, they will come to love the walking & exercise even after the Pokemon Hunting has lost it’s charm.


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