My Happy Place

Today marks my 49th Birthday.   I am unfortunately prone to melancholy on the advent of this occasion.  It is rather ironical as I grew up in a household where birthdays were occasions of feasting & fantastical celebrations!

I’m not quite sure when this dread of a Dark Day started; maybe it was in college when I realised how frail human life is.  And with each passing year, it was just a reminder of how transient life is.

A lot has happened since.  Having children has taken most of the edge off The Dark Day – after all, it is difficult to gloss over The Day when a child wants to have a cake for you, light a candle and sing The Song.  The things we do for our children.

Also, I have My Happy Place to go to, in fact, several happy places.  One of these is The Magic Kingdom, whether it is in the US, Paris, Tokyo or Hong Kong.  I have also learnt that when we have family adventures, local or otherwise, these are Happy Places for me too.  And after we have these travels & adventures, we have photos & memories which serve to bring me a smile when I need one the most.

So, I have learnt to find my Happy Place in my Mind’s Eye, which is a good thing for days like these, when the Darkness threatens.

Counting one’s blessings helps too.  After thinking about my quirky family, supportive friends, reasonably good health, comfortable home, fun adventures, good food, beautiful music & art, it is difficult to stay in The Dark.

What about you: what do you do to get out of a funk, or when you have a Dark Day?


Feature photo was taken in Hollywood Hotel, Disneyland Resort Hong Kong, a we-fie reflected off the Elevator Mirror.

6 Replies to “My Happy Place”

  1. Happy 49th my blog friend! And I enjoyed reading this – count your blessings is right! That always helps – and when we lived in Florida – Disney was a great place for kids and adults – so nice!
    Oh and for me – and birthdays – I lost a high school friend a while back – well she died in her 30s – we had lost touch and all – but I think of her every birthday – and feel grateful to have one more because she cannot – hm
    Anyhow – some virtual cake for you
    And cool photo!

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    1. Thank you for my virtual cake: I love all cake, virtual or otherwise!

      Appreciate very much your taking time to share and your words of encouragement!

      I just heard an old friend of mine (we hadn’t kept in touch for a while) had passed away this week (she was a couple of years younger than I), and you’re right, I am grateful that I have this birthday to celebrate. Sobering considerations!

      I am going to get my old friends together soon to touch base (haven’t seen many of them in a while either). Better sooner than later!

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      1. Ooooo phrase of he day – sobering considerations !
        And you are right – better late then never – I am getting ready to go and see my mother – she is traveling and is 5 hours from me so I can’t resist – but it is effort to go -‘but life is so precious and just never know what a day may bring forth – 💙
        And 49 is going to be an awesome year!

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