Expanding My Musical SoundSpace

Last week, I was treated to two world-class performances by two locally-grown choirs: “ONE with Andre van der Merwe” by ONE Chamber Choir & “Szhizophonia” by the SYC Ensemble Singers.  I have never been so proud to be Singaporean!

In recent years, I have been challenged to be more open-minded about my musical experiences as Older Daughter is rather adventurous in her selection of orchestral, chamber & choral choices.  A very wise person once told me, that to put oneself in a better position to listen to (and helpfully, enjoy) new musical experiences, there are 3 things to note:

  1. Read the Concert Programme Notes: these are invaluable in giving information and background to the performance & the pieces presented.
  2. Get into the Sound Space: prepare mentally for the type of music presented, whether it be baroque, jazz or new music, to put oneself in that Space 
  3. Relax & enjoy!


I couldn’t find videos of either choir singing the programme we were treated to, but here are representative videos of both ONE & SYC Ensemble.  Enjoy!

2 Replies to “Expanding My Musical SoundSpace”

  1. What glorious music you shared with us and how fortunate you are to be able to enjoy both groups where you live. I like the three rules and will remember to apply them, particularly when my teenage grandchildren tell me they have a song they want me to listen to and I’ll just love it.

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    1. It is wonderful to have greater access to more music genres … I have to admit I have to work much harder to get into “modern” music, but it is good to have a starting point.

      I hope your grandchildren appreciate how fortunate they are to have a grandparent interested in their world.


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