Conquering the Heights with a List

Some folks have lofty aspirations to climb big mountains, real mountains. I take my hat off to those who are brave & fit enough to attempt running Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia, the MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong, or Ben Nevis in Scotland.

I have my own list of heights to conquer. These are certainly not mountains, and not even really hills. They are my personal mountains, my list of up-slopes I want to run up instead of walk up. Going uphill is difficult for me – I have been told that my problem is mental more than physical. So, this list is also my training plan & motivator, challenges to overcome.

  1. Stairs up to WW2 Memorial Site (Bukit Batok Nature Park)
  2. L-O-N-G hill up to Bukit Batok Nature Park from Old Fire Station
  3. Cobble-stone path at Bukit Batok Nature
  4. Slope up to the Wooden Bridge from Alkaff Mansion
  5. Return slope from The Lake (Kent Ridge Park)
  6. Windy path up to Kent Ridge Park
  7. Metal Bridge (Southern Ridges)
  8. To the Singapore Quarry (Dairy Farm Nature Park)

I love making lists. Or more accurately, I love ticking off items as I complete a list. The sense of satisfaction, of completion. I look forward to doing just that with this list.

What do you make lists of? What are the heights you are conquering?

Feature photo is #1 on The List

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