Celebrating the Joy of Running

Keep Fit, Live Healthy!

We’ve been running with the Ridge Runners for about a year now.  This 4th  Anniversary Run was truly a celebration for many of us as we went out for Personal Bests, whether it was running a little farther or faster.

Through the encouragement of RRKelvin, we became the Final Four – the last ones to attempt the Lake Loop.  The Lake, up to this point, was the territory of the experienced runners, something I could only dream of attempting.   RRBoon, our founder & mentor, made it possible as he re-ran the loop with us as we weren’t sure of the way.  We did it guys!

From the left: Kelvin, Boon, Vivek, Julie & I (Photo credit: RRKelvin)

I’ve always been a lone runner as I feel bad holding others up (read: I run SLOW).  But the way RR is set up (you can run/walk/stroller  5km, 10km, 14km as you please) allows me to enjoy the camaraderie without a whole lot of stress.  Those of us who need a little more time start earlier, and we all meet back at 8am at the start point for our group photo.

So, if you enjoy a varied run (beautiful scenery along wooden bridges, metal bridges, through parks) and can pull yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning, come join us at 6:20am for a 6:30 start. Mt Faber Carpark D (Pendar Road).


2 Replies to “Celebrating the Joy of Running”

    1. We have folks in our group who walk as well … we really do try to cater to all age (including kids in strollers) & ability groups!

      Anyhow, I figured as long as we get out there, no matter how slowly I move along, I am moving 🙂


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