Brekkie is the Best!

I love breakfast!

Never thought I’d hear myself saying this as I really am not a morning person.  I still can’t eat first thing when I wake up, but a couple of hours later, I really enjoy this first meal of the day.  And breakfast foods, I could eat them all day long: pancakes, oatmeal, omelettes, French toast … what am I saying, I do eat breakfast foods for lunch, and sometimes, even for dinner!

I love eating breakfast at home: sprawled on my bed with a good story.  But occasionally, I relish a brekkie outing.  When that happens, this is what my morning looks like (see above photo).

The most common form of my perfect morning food would be Eggs Benedict, except that being vegetarian, someone else at my table is the recipient of the ham from my plate.  When available, Eggs Florentine (ham is replaced by spinach) is my plate of choice.

What is your favourite brekkie/brunch food when you go out to eat?  Where is your favourite place to go?

Feature Photo of Eggs Florentine taken at Cafe Melba



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