Is anyone out there?

“I write for myself” was the excuse I used for the longest time for anyone who suggested that I made public my scribbles.  I was even a little embarrassed when my Big-Hearted Brother bound some of my poetry into a book as a birthday gift some decades ago.

But the reality is, whether one writes for catharsis or because there are things that just need to be said or for a particular purpose, there is a part of us that fears no one will read what is written, that they will be abandoned in a Jasper Fforde-ian Lost Well of Plots.

I have come a long way since my post about participating more actively in Social Media.  My Facebook, Instagrams & WordPress postings have fallen into a comfortable (read: not stressful or all-consuming) rhythm.  I have started to recognise “regulars” in these arenas and have enjoyed making connections via comments & return comments.  There are bloggers whom I follow because they make me laugh, raise my eyebrow in amazement, or inspire me to continue.  When I receive a comment on a post, I am thrilled to pieces!   I feel part of a community where what I do matters.

The surprise bonus is to find out that I have friends & family who also follow me – in this way, we are connecting at another level I never expected.

So, if you are still thinking about whether you want to use social media as a platform for your writing, photo-taking or creative pursuits, wait no longer.  You will find folks like me who are waiting to be part of your community.

We are out here waiting for you (Accompanied by exciting, anticipatory music, not the creepy sort).

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