Revisiting the Best (Vegan) Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

I am inspired to highlight this recipe again as I made a batch for a vegan friend & got a thumbs up from him!  Of course, I ate more than my fair share in the process so it’s safe to say it’s still one of my favourites! Continue reading “Revisiting the Best (Vegan) Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!”

Running in the City: an Orchard Road Morning

I love running through city streets!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good trail as much as anyone else, but a couple of years ago when I was fortunate enough to be in London for a couple of months, I discovered that I really love exploring bits of the city by running through it. Continue reading “Running in the City: an Orchard Road Morning”

Zoot Ultra Kiawe 2.0: The Shoe That Hugged Me

Loving Husband has always perplexed me with his insistence that we have the correct sporting equipment.  When we started playing tennis as a young courting couple, he insisted that I buy a pair of tennis shoe and a new tennis racket even though I wasn’t very good. Continue reading “Zoot Ultra Kiawe 2.0: The Shoe That Hugged Me”

Dragonfruit Smoothie: Naturally & Beautifully Pink

I love smoothies & milkshakes & bubble tea & just about any beverage you can drink through a straw.  I have never had a smoothie bowl before though, that is, using a smoothie as a base and then piling lots of goodies on top.  So, this is a conservative first attempt at The Smoothie Bowl. Continue reading “Dragonfruit Smoothie: Naturally & Beautifully Pink”

Conquering the Heights with a List

Some folks have lofty aspirations to climb big mountains, real mountains. I take my hat off to those who are brave & fit enough to attempt running Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia, the MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong, or Ben Nevis in Scotland.

I have my own list of heights to conquer. These are certainly not mountains, and not even really hills. They are my personal mountains, my list of up-slopes I want to run up instead of walk up. Going uphill is difficult for me – I have been told that my problem is mental more than physical. So, this list is also my training plan & motivator, challenges to overcome. Continue reading “Conquering the Heights with a List”

Sweet Potato Cupcakes: an unexpected deliciousness!

I’ve never had sweet potato in cake before.  So, when I found myself with 1.6kg of sweet potato to use up, I searched through my recipes for something we could make.  I found a gem in one of my favourite cupcake resources: Cupcakes with Attitude. Continue reading “Sweet Potato Cupcakes: an unexpected deliciousness!”

A Splashing Good Time!

Younger Daughter & Loving Husband really enjoyed swimming pool at The Haven on this previous holiday to Ipoh. They were in the pool/jacuzzi religiously twice a day, every day we were there.

What’s not to like … slides, jacuzzi, seahorse infinity pool … a lot of water fun! Continue reading “A Splashing Good Time!”