Road Trip: Back to Ipoh we go!

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a road trip; the girls have been asking and finally, we are on our way!  We will leave on Monday, 1 Aug, 5am and should get into Ipoh at 2pm after a leisurely drive.

We have a few days to catch up with family & do much eating, and then head back early on Friday morning, 5 Aug.

We are all looking forward to the road-trip:   Loving Husband will drive most (if not all) of the way; he loves long-distance driving!  Although with the new automatic Honda Jazz, maybe not so much.  One year down the road, he still misses our stick-shift Fiat Punto. Nevertheless, we will be on the road again!

This will be our 2nd time staying at  The Haven.  We’ve rented an apartment through Airbnb:  Epicurious Father & Youthful Mother, who are also coming with us, are big fans of the booking service.  It looks like a lovely, spacious apartment so we are looking forward to chilling out with drinks on the balcony, lazing around at the spectacular pool, and strolling on the scenic grounds.

Of course, we will be stuffing our faces!  Loving Husband is looking forward to Beef Ball Noodles (which he would happily have every morning if given a choice); Older Daughter is after roti canai & chicken biriyani at Nasi Vanggey; Younger Daughter loves the rest stops on the drive up & down where she will get KFC, Baskin Robbins & Dunkin’ Donuts;  I am keen to seek out Nasi Kerabu which includes rice a lovely shade of blue!

The new things we are going to make time for are a night visit to the Hot Springs & a Mural  Hunt around old Ipoh Town.

And of course, the highlight of the trip is to celebrate Youthful Mother’s Birthday.  We are booked at Garvy’s by the Park which is a new place for all of us to enjoy a festive meal together.


Feature Photo: Mural near The Story-Telling Tree, taken by Loving Husband, July 2014 (Older Daughter in red; her cousin is the other human being in the photo)

4 Replies to “Road Trip: Back to Ipoh we go!”

  1. You sound like such happy travelers. I appreciate your happy, positive spirit that allows you and your family to try and to enjoy new adventures. I also enjoyed younger daughters food tastes. Sounds like a teenager to me.

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    1. We are generally quite happy explorers, even when we go on Adventures when we are home (that’s what our daughters call our outings to check out new places). We are very fortunate that both girls, despite being teens, are still quite keen to go out with us.


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