Mochi in my Waffle

After our last visit to Dazzling Cafe, we’ve been dreaming of going back to try more desserts.  We made it back this past week with friends and after much dithering over the menu, I had the Valrhona Chocolate Waffle.

This week’s photo challenge is Cherry on Top: to share a photo which is the icing on the cake, a finishing touch to something that is already very good.  And in my case, the mochi in the waffle!

I love freshly made waffles!  Dazzling’s is not quite like any I’ve had: firstly, they offer you a choice between regular or crispy (I picked crispy, of course), and then you can choose to have ice cream with it (not a priority for me), and/or mochi mixed into the waffle batter.

Now, don’t judge till you try it!  The little bits of mochi give the waffle a slightly chewier texture but doesn’t change the taste much;  it really is a levelled-up waffle!

If you are feel up to trying one, Dazzling Cafe has two branches: one in Orchard Gateway and the other at Capitol Piazza.


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