Fun with Purple-ish Fruits & Vegetables

“Eat the rainbow!” is something I’ve tried to do of late.  We’ve discovered purple vegetables which we’ve gotten a kick out of trying: purple potatoes, purple cauliflower …. did  I mention that purple is one of my favourite colours?

Steamed purple cauliflower & broccoli – a colourful addition to a meal!

We have recently started ordering from  They are an affordable source of unusual vegetables which may not be available in local supermarkets and hence, our access to more wonderful produce!

Anthocyanins give many fruits & vegetables their bright red-orange to blue-violet colours, for example, berries, cherries, red cabbage, plums, grapes, eggplant.   This group of anti-oxidants help protect against cardiovascular disease & cancer, and help boost cognitive function.

Purple veggies & fruit also contain lots of other goodies (vitamins, minerals, indole, ellagic acid), so why not add a splash of colour to your meals?


Feature photo: red cabbage – sliced up for Pink Slaw!


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