The Little Things in Life

Loving Husband has a green thumb and has kept our balcony plants alive without a whole lot of effort.

The above is a Butterfly Plant (oxalis triangularis) which he grew from a cutting kindly given by a colleague.  It has since flourished and flowered many times over.

The flowers are quite small so you’d have to look rather closely to appreciate its beauty & details.

What little things have surprised you lately?


One Reply to “The Little Things in Life”

  1. I am very familiar with the oxalis triangularis… we simply call it a purple shamrock here. This plant does well… not as well as it’s green cousin… oxalis regnelii … but both plants are fun to grow and fascinating to watch. I am always amazed at the tiny buds that grow into the flowers. I have a huge San Pedro Cereus cactus that is now over 12 feet high… and this year it has already had nearly 300 very large blooms… with flowers almost a foot in diameter. But they all start with a tiny bud about the size of beebee or a single piece of buckshot. “Little things” are amazing!


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