A Dazzling Food Adventure

We went out in search of dinner this past Wednesday night:  Older Daughter had a bit of a traumatic afternoon on account of too much studying, so we said she could pick our dinner venue.  After a pleasant wander about Orchard Road, checking out half a dozen potential eateries, we finally sat down at Dazzling Cafe.

The vibe was fun and upbeat!  The decor was an adorable Gothic Nouveau with a healthy dose of Bling: fun chairs (think rabbit ears), cameo style logos, sparkling chandeliers.  Lots of reasons to gawk, look up and about: photo opportunities galore!

Chandeliers are one of my guilty pleasures: the shinier the prettier!

Given the kawaii of this cafe, we did not have high expectations for the food.  We were happily surprised by the pastas which were al dente & tasty.  The pulled pork nachos were scrummy with the right balance of crunch (thin, crisp tortilla chips) & creamy smoothness (guacamole), spice (jalapeño & salsa), pulled together with golden liquid cheese!  The Honey Toast was the pièce de résistance: it was so good it defies description!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, a great night out!  We will definitely be back for more Honey Toast.  Or maybe we’ll try the waffles next.  Or maybe the Freshly Shaved Truffle Mushroom Pasta.  Or maybe the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. Or the mentaiko fries.


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