The Magic of Disneyland

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.

Summer 1983 was a season of firsts: it was the first time I visited the United States of America; the first time I had sour dough bread;  the first time I visited the Magic Kingdom.

It was love at first sight in Anaheim. I quickly discovered that while my siblings loved the big ticket rides, I did not.  Space Mountain almost finished me off. I found out that I couldn’t stomach the kiddie rides either – the Spinning Tea Cups also left me sitting on a bench for quite some time. Despite the queasiness and sitting on benches waiting for my siblings, I fell in love with the vibe and ambience that makes the Disney Resorts so addictive & enticing.  There is something about the Disney resorts: just like music & story-telling (both of which all things Disney have in abundance), the Magic Kingdom has the ability to transport us to a different time & place.

A couple of years later, the family travelled to the Magic Kingdom & Epcott Centre in Orlando, Florida.  As a young working adult, I went to Tokyo for a conference, and the highlight was, of course, Tokyo Disneyland.  Some years laters, Tokyo Disneyland was also the first Disney Park we brought our daughters to. We have since been to EuroDisneyland & Hong Kong Disneyland.

Elevator of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Hollywood Hotel, April 2016

The most frequented Magic Kingdom for us is Hong Kong Disneyland, for reasons of proximity and convenience.  We started visiting regularly with extended family because there was something for everybody: the foodies, the shopping aficionados, the Disney fanatics; and it certainly didn’t hurt that it is so close to Singapore.

Hong Kong Disneyland Train Station in the background as we head into The Magic Kingdom, April 2016


What about you?  Are you a Disney fan?  Which is your favourite Magic Kingdom?  What are the things you look forward to when you visit for your dose of magic?


Featured Photo taken at the Fountain Plaza, Hong Kong Disneyland, April 2016

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